Thursday, December 22, 2005


snow and yuki onna

If now, you mention news of topic, the heavy snow in Niigata prefecture it is the power failure noise which accompanies that.

The elevator stopped because it has a power failure, the accident where the person can shut in in occurred.

For the commentator of the television to say, when " 1st power failure occurs, 2nd electricity being turned on with, using the elevator, it is dangerous.

" You say being said " you do ", " it probably is all right ", it could shut in the woman of some person in the elevator.

In other words if the cage of elevator type is made, it is to be able to catch the woman with that.

" today the woman is moving society and popularity.

" With you call the mass communications, but is you ask therefore, as for ", the kind of conduct which one after another jumps in the water ", without doing, you want, the woman, is.

Because perhaps me, it is dense which it flies.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Justice and badness in mind ceased to exist among them.

When there is a light, there is a shadow, in thing.

I think the proper.
Such complaint the hero of the television thinks you said to 30 years ago.

Idea of light and the darkness however like such worshipping fire teaching from the around the dragon ball Z kept going out from the Japanese.

Secondary worldwide large postwar Japan you think former idea started from the epistemology that everything " is bad ".

Therefore " learn the fact that the Japanese thought with that from the West " oral habit of the Japanese of that time " the Japanese is useless what. " As for the worker stopping the craftsman, in the factory where it has high-level technology " change of the machine you were employed comparatively and " worked.

How being able to make the factory product, excellent, the Japanese attached " how せ monkey imitation ".

Steadily light and the darkness kept going out. Is we " accustomed to the companion from method of catching, " justice and the villain "? It isn't accustomed? "

With it became the element where the drawing which is said is important. There is a synopsis that can call the recent one piece model with the dragon ball and with the villain you become the companion.

If " Lu fee " you itself of the protagonist of the one piece naivety full-blown say from the standpoint where it is the man, with you have become the person who is done designation arrangement " badness ".

You think also those where the protagonist thinks with the amount of that designation arrangement prize neck as " a value of your own greatness " are diversification phenomenon. " Today as for civilization being complicated, cannot be a complete justice. " The Japanese thinks always.

I do, being to look at " エヴァンゲリオン " of animation in the time zone of nighttime, but you thought and the oven it did not stop and became unable to sleep. The kind of air which has become the society that as for me, in some than the politician " the television is correct ", than truth does.

And is the Japanese " accustomed to the companion from Asian countries? It isn't accustomed? " Drawing is experienced.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


To the person who is troubled " of stimulating the appetite of the Japanese the method "

When it comes to the head in my article, that the " translation robot " the head being bad is cause.

Once, you name " the atom ", but please comment in " the atom " address.

Well I the television grew tired, am the case that it is written, but as for the cause of growing tired " with hit there are times. DEBU TARE " naming generically " the " the talent which gets fat, " it is the word which you say.

Especially in that entertainer " MIU " ("it is good ", opposite) with you say and when the talent which comes out comes out me and appetite of the viewer increases.

I thought, but the Japanese recommends the meal to the great person and " just a little " ・・・

To that the great person " why you not eating? While " with getting angry, when it is called, the Japanese would not like to eat.

While you being gotten angry by someone, you probably will be eaten the food? Conclusion.

One where the producer of production area gets fat in the screen of the television, the commercial film which so is eaten tastily increases the appetite of the Japanese and increases buying desire.

So as for many of the Japanese in heart, " the woman who gets fat excessively thinks you think useless ".

It transfers, the Japanese when it is referred to " MAIU " and the picture of television, the saliva abnormal play waiting goes back and forth in the mouth, it seems. (Conditionalreflex? ach?)

The foodstuff    ・・・   lesson do to the one which is handled.

As for you please call spell of this magic of MAIU   to the Japanese.

Whether or not the Japanese eats truly with this?

As for responsibility, it is not in me.

Because, because that " the atom " is the meaning red sandal wood with joke mode,

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